4 Criteria For Selecting The Perfect Personalized Wedding Gift

Posted by Caleb Coffie on 14th Jun 2021

4 Criteria For Selecting The Perfect Personalized Wedding Gift

For many of us, weddings are one of our favorite events to attend. The ceremony is beautiful, there’s almost always a killer playlist, and we get to spend the entire day with friends and family. Choosing the right gift for a wedding can be tricky — especially when you’re trying to find something that reflects the couple’s individual style

Four Criteria for selecting the Right Personalized Wedding

Here are four criteria for selecting the right gift — so you can give them that perfect present they deserve!

Consider the couple's style

Most gifts for weddings are aimed at furnishing a house, so make sure it's something that fits the couple's style. If not, it won't get much use. There are a lot of different interior styles so it might be a good idea to know what the bride's style is. To help we've listed a few gift ideas for most interior design styles below:


Teak Wooden Kitchen Spoon Set + Holder

Personalized Mr & Mrs Doormat

Mid Century Modern

Teak Wooden Kitchen Spoon Set + Holder

Gold Sunburst Clock

Mid Century Glassware

Modern Farmhouse

First Christmas Married Ornament

First Date Map Poster

Shabby Chic

First Date Map Poster


First Date Map Poster

Custom Anchor Guest Book

Custom Anchor Guest Book


Rustic Name Sign


Rustic Name Sign

Rustic Name Sign

Find a gift that fits the couples hobbies and interests

Is there something the couple enjoys doing? Are they always out hiking or traveling? One of the best gifts to get for a couple is one that reflects their interests. We have compiled a list of wedding gifts that are tailored to the interests of different couples. Check it out below:

The Couple That Cooks

Personalized Cake Pan

Family Cook Book

Family Cook Book

The Movie Buff Couple

Personalized Movie Poster

Personalized Pillow

Custom Popcorn Buckets

The Fitness Couple

His and Her Water Bottles

Home Gym Sign

The Traveling Couple

Family Travel Map

Party Hosting Couple

Ring Hook Drinking Game

Couple With a Green Thumb

Plant Family Poster

Choose a gift that will impress them for years to come

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably had a hard time narrowing down what to buy your newlyweds. You just have to know where to look! But the good news is that we made a list for you.

The beautiful thing about wedding gifts is that they can really add a lot of value to your newlywed life especially if they're high quality. Check out the list below for a gift that should last the couple a lifetime.

Family Steel Fire Pit

Family Branding Iron

Family Name House Number

Keep it Personal

The wedding is a time of great emotion, celebration, and excitement for both the bride and groom. With the right gifts, you can make a memorable impression as well. When you're looking for a gift, it's important to make sure that your gift is personal and meaningful.

Personalized gifts are a great way to say thank you for inviting you to the wedding, but getting a personalized gift is a lot more than just buying one. You have to think about what you want to get as well as how you want it to be personalized. If the couple is choosing to share a last name, it opens you up to using personalizations like "The Smith Family." If they're not sharing a last name, you still have options. Most companies including The Coffie Cutters will be able to work with you on the personalization. For example, you can change the personalization to a hyphenated last name or even both first names. Many of the businesses offering personalization are more that willing to work with you on the design to create something you and the couple will love.

Below we've curated a list of unique personalized gifts that the bride and groom will absolutely love:

Personalized Walnut Cheese Board

Family Decanter Set

Watercolor Portrait