How to grow your brand and make your employees feel appreciated at the same time

You’ve worked hard to build your brand and garner a loyal following. Well, we know that happy employees produce happy customers, and loyal customers are a goldmine. It’s important to celebrate your employees for the impact they have on your brand — and it’s also important to make sure they’re well taken care of so they can give their best effort every day. Here’s how to do both. Give them branded employees gifts that they love to have around. The right gift will be something your employees will love to talk about. It can promote conversations with anyone that sees it, allowing your employee to brag about how much they love their job. The key is finding something your employees will view as special.

Why you need to go beyond just company t-shirts

Every business does the t-shirts. In fact in-expensive t-shirts can go a long way for furthering your brand but it most likely won’t impress your employees. In order to impress your employees you need to give them something they want to brag about to their friends. Employee gifts are an excellent way for employers to keep their workers motivated and productive.

What makes the perfect employee gift?

The perfect gift is something your employee can use regularly. If it’s something your employees may already have, make sure the one you’re gifting is better or it will be tossed in a corner and rarely used.

Keeping the gift unique can be key to your employees loving the gift. Think of something outside the box. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it should probably go beyond the traditional branded product catalog.

We recommend not making your branding front and center for your employee gift but let them bring it up themselves. If it’s a great gift, they’ll want to mention they got it from their employer.

How can The Coffie Cutters help?

We already have cost effective gifts that your employees will love. We’ll list some below to get some ideas flowing for you. If you are thinking something else, send us a message. We love working on custom projects. Even if it’s not a full idea we’ll work with you to build something that your employees will love.

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