What to Put In a Personalized Gift Basket

Sending someone a custom-made gift basket is truly one of the best ways to show your appreciation, joy or affection. From thoughtful ribbons and trinkets that reflect their personal tastes to an array of goodies, they may not have had before. You can craft something special for them that will be cherished far beyond just opening it.

Make your gift unforgettable by including some timeless favorites. Pair something special to sip and savor, a delightful treat for the taste buds, an item with funny or heartwarming sentimentality, cozy comfort that evokes fond memories, and a fragrant aroma of luxury.

Keep reading for details on this one-of-a-kind surprise they won’t soon forget.


Customizing your own special basket allows for thoughtfully chosen goodies, think of something unexpected and memorable. No matter what goes inside the package, be sure it comes from the heart and will bring joy long after opening.

Here’s what you should put in a personalized gift basket:

FIRST: Choose a Theme

The first step in creating a personalized gift basket is to choose a theme. This will help you decide what items to include in the basket and give the gift a cohesive and thoughtful feel.

Some popular themes include:

A. Spa Day: A spa day-themed basket can be perfect for someone who loves to relax and unwind. You could include luxurious items like bath bombs, scented candles, body scrubs, body oils, massage oil, and lotion bars.

Adding some relaxing music or a book they can read while pampering themselves is a nice touch.

B. Food & Drink: If your recipient loves food and drinks, why not create a culinary-themed basket? Include some high-quality snacks like nuts and dried fruits, chocolates or cookies with their favorite flavors.

You can also add some craft beers or wine depending on their preference.

C. Travel: Is your recipient an adventurous type or loves traveling? Then assemble a travel-themed gift box with different items that will come in handy during their next trip.

Think about items such as toiletries, passport covers, water bottles, journals, or guidebooks with recommendations on places to visit in the area they’re heading off to next.

D. Relaxation: Give them much-needed relaxation with an at-home spa package. Fill up the basket with things like bath towels, face masks and eye pillows for them to unwind in comfort and style after a long day at work or school.

Don’t forget items like essential oils that will immediately leave them feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

E. Fun & Practical: For those who appreciate practicality over luxury, opt for something more functional yet still fun. What about adding clever kitchen gadgets like garlic presses, cheese graters, and cooking utensils?

Or throw in some small tools such as screwdrivers or pliers if they enjoy doing DIY projects around the house more often.

SECOND: Select a Container

Once you have chosen your theme, there is one crucial thing left before you can move forward, selecting the container for your personalized gift basket. Whether it’s a classic wicker basket or even a decorative box, there’s something for everyone.

Here are some ideas for different containers you could use:

A. Classic Basket: The most popular option by far is using classic woven wicker baskets. With its simple yet elegant look, this type of container adds beauty and charm to any gift. Plus, these are usually inexpensive, making them ideal if you’re trying to stay within budget.

Wicker baskets come in various sizes, too, so you can find one that fits all of the items you want without sacrificing aesthetics.

B. Decorative Box: Wooden boxes make great vessels when it comes to presenting gifts in style. These boxes come in varying sizes and shapes, making them especially perfect if you’re looking for something special.

One great thing about wooden boxes is that they serve multiple purposes. Once filled with goodies, it works wonderfully as both a storage solution as well as a decoration piece.

C. Tote Bag: An increasingly popular choice is using canvas bags which are trendy nowadays due to their stylish design and environmental friendliness. Just pick out one that goes along great with your chosen theme.

No matter if it’s a plain colored canvas bag or one printed with quirky illustrations, either way, you’ll have something really unique.

THIRD: Personalized Items

Once you select a theme for your gift basket, stick to it throughout the entire presentation. To make it truly one-of-a-kind, personalized items are a great way to show your recipient that you care.

Some ideas for personalized items to include:

A. Food and Beverages

Food and beverages make it easy to show someone you care when creating a personalized gift basket. Snacks and sweets are always a welcome addition to a classic gift basket. Depending on the recipient’s tastes, favorite treats like chocolates, candies, cookies and nuts can be included.

To add something different, you can add different types of tea or coffee selections as well as bottles of wine or other alcoholic beverages.

B. Personal Care Products and Accessories

Including personal care products and accessories in a personalized gift basket is another great way to show someone how much you think of them. This allows for greater creativity in curating the perfect gift basket for someone special.

Beauty items like makeup, lotions, nail polish, etc. can be included for those with interest in self-care products. You can also include clothing accessories such as scarves and hats if the person is fashion-conscious.

C. Activities and Entertainment Items

Including activities and entertainment items in a personalized gift basket will bring joy to any recipient. Music CDs or movie DVDs with genres they enjoy are always welcome additions. This way, they can rediscover old favorites or find new ones too.

They are also sure to enjoy playing board games with friends or family, from classics like Monopoly to card games.

FOUR: Finishing Touches on the Gift Basket

Once you’ve selected all of your personalized items, it’s time for some finishing touches. Start with wrapping and presentation. You can add fresh flowers or greenery to add an extra touch of beauty and fragrance with tissue paper and ribbon in coordinating colors.

Also, consider adding a custom tag with a sentiment from the gifter and handwritten cards expressing gratitude and love to show how much thought was put into this gift. It’s amazing what thoughtful additions like these can do to make your personalized gift basket extra special.


As you know a personalized gift basket is the perfect way to say you care. Imagine the look on their face when they see how you’ve carefully curated items just for them. Including their favorite indulgences or bringing extra comfort to their day is a wonderful gesture.

Adding in some inspiration or something that smells nice is the icing on the cake. And let’s not forget the importance of a good beverage to accompany it all. With a little creativity and some personal touches, you can  create a gift basket that will leave a lasting impression.

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