Shopping Local: Our Favorite Etsy Shops in Austin, TX

Etsy is a great resource for unique and handmade items, especially when it comes to gifts. Their marketplace is a treasure trove of interesting items that you can’t find in stores. We wanted to share a few of our favorite Etsy shops in Austin that sell handmade, vintage, whimsical or one-of-a-kind pieces that really embody the spirit of this community.

Best Handmade Products for Shopping in Austin, Texas

Here are our favorite shops in Austin, TX that have amazing handmade products.

Pet Portraits by Holly

Holly’s shop really stood out to us with these super cute hand painted pet portraits. Simply send her your favorite picture of your furry friend and he’ll hand paint a portrait for you. Check it out!

Bold MFG & Supply

Bold MFG is one of my personal favorite shops in Austin, TX. All of their items are hand crafted in Austin, TX. Their products are even named after streets and neighborhoods in Austin. The modern style of all their products also look amazing. Check them out here!

Pecu Leather Co

Pecu Leather Co is another company in Austin, TX that puts out some really nice, high quality products. Their leather products are all made from full grain leather and made right in Texas. My personal favorite in their shop is the hats with the leather patches. Check out their shop here!


This shop specializes in making small concrete design and decor elements. The concrete and pastel colors really make this shops products standout. They have everything from toothbrush holders to catchall trays. Check out their wide variety of products here!

TheBackPack Original Goods

If you have nerdy or geeky side then TheBackPack Original Goods shop (theBKPKshop) will definitely stand out to you. Almost all of Pete’s products are based on video games and make amazing decor pieces. They all incorporate some sort of light so they’l make great center pieces for your gaming room. Check out his shop here!

The Costume Cafe

The Costume Case is another Austin, TX goodie. Not only is the owner, Sara, extremely talented and makes amazing costumes, she also uses the cutest models. If you’re looking for a Halloween costume for your kid or just looking to waste a few hours looking at cute little costumes, you should definitely check out her shop.

Hill Country Woodcraft

Hill Country Woodcraft (hcwoodcraft) is an Austin, TX Etsy shop that specialized in handmade wooden toys. Each is personalized with the child’s name so they’ll have something to keep for the rest of their lives. Check out their store here!


Tattitude sells a really unique product. They’ll take your photo and turn it into a temporary tattoo like you’d get when you were a kid. They have so many designs to choose from including Birthdays, Wedding Parties, or even Bar Mitzvahs. If you’re looking to get a temporary tattoo of the birthday boy’s face on your arm, check out this shop.

Silver Spool Shop

The Silver Spool Shop is an embroidery shop in Austin, TX that has some great products. They sell so many embroidered products from baby bibs to tissue box covers. They’re put your monogram on almost anything, Check out their shop here!

Mountains of Thread

Mountains of Thread makes the perfect gifts for the crafty person in your life. They sell DIY embroidery kits with everything you need to stitch your own embroidery hook. The designs all really cute and are bound to be a hit with everyone. Take a look through their shop!

The Coffie Cutters (Us)

I couldn’t write a guide about our favorite Etsy Shops in Austin, TX without mentioning our shop, The Coffie Cutters. We specializes in making unique personalized gifts for every occasion. Whether it’s groomsmen gifts, wedding gifts, or even house warming gifts, we have something for you. Check out our Etsy shop here or you can go to our gifts section on our website here.

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