When is the Best Time to Give Bridesmaid Gifts: 4 Timing

The perfect bridesmaid gifts are an important part of expressing gratitude and friendship to the special woman in your life. But when should these gifts be given?

From a few days before the wedding to the actual day itself, there are many moments to let your bridesmaid know how much you care about her. It’s essential to consider the timing, budget, and special touches that come along with bridesmaid gift-giving.

Let’s explore 4 different times for gifting and share additional factors to consider when giving bridesmaid gifts.


Giving bridesmaid gifts is an integral part of the wedding process. It is a way to show appreciation for your bridesmaid who has been there for you through thick and thin. Knowing when is the best time to give these gifts can help ensure that your bridesmaid will be thanked and appreciated for your hard work and support.

1. A Few Days Before the Wedding:

Giving gifts just a couple of days before the wedding is a good way to show appreciation while relieving some of the stress of pre-wedding activities.

If ordering personalized items (such as jewelry or clothing), leaving plenty of time for production and shipping is important. So, order as early as possible if this option is chosen.

This timeline will also ensure that any last-minute alterations or additions can be made. Gifts can often be assembled quicker than customized items, such as a basket filled with travel essentials.

2. At the Rehearsal Dinner:

Another popular option for giving bridesmaid gifts is at the rehearsal dinner. This allows for an intimate setting where everyone involved in the wedding is present, making it easy and convenient for everyone involved.

Many couples choose this timing because it allows them more time to select appropriate gifts without rushing orders or purchases due to a lack of preparation time. Creating a meaningful gift becomes easier when there isn’t pressure from looming deadlines.

Some couples like combining their rehearsal dinner toast with gifting since both typically involve expressing gratitude for those who have helped make their union possible.

3. The Day Before the Wedding:

Giving bridesmaid gifts the day before the wedding can be a great way to bond with your best friends. Since this presents less time than other options, it may be better suited towards off-the-shelf presents such as spa sets or home decor items. They don’t require customization or significant preparation times to acquire.

Since everyone is likely already in full-wedding mode, having something tangible like a thoughtful gift can help bring everyone together one final time before officially saying “I do”. This also gives everyone enough time during rehearsal and other activities on that day to appreciate what they’ve been given.

4: On the Actual Day of the Wedding:

Some couples prefer not to be stressed out by planning too much due to the limited availability of resources or simply because. So giving gifts on the actual day of weddings may become an inevitable solution.

Even though it might seem like too short notice, many couples have succeeded in pulling this off gracefully by selecting pre-made sets that cater specifically to wedding needs. This type of present doesn’t require much special attention and thus fits perfectly within their tight schedule.


Bridesmaid’s gifts should be planned with thoughtful consideration. Thoughtful timing, creative delivery dates, and financial budgeting are just a few of the essential elements to consider when formulating your gift plan for bridesmaid attendants, don’t forget those special touches, either.

1. Timing of Wedding Planning Process

It is important to consider the timing of wedding planning when deciding on when to give bridesmaid gifts. Depending on the size and scope of the wedding, begin shopping for dresses and colors early to ensure that everything fits perfectly on the big day.

After confirming who will participate in the wedding party’s roles and duties, it is a good idea to begin shopping for bridesmaid gifts around this time.

2. Desired Delivery Dates for Gifts

Another factor to consider when giving bridesmaid gifts is when they are delivered. For example, if a bride-to-be wants to give her bridesmaid gifts at a shower or bachelorette party. So she should plan accordingly so that all preparations are complete before these events occur.

Alternatively, she may deliver them in person before or after the rehearsal dinner or ceremony at the reception venue. This could be done with an extra special touch, like including handwritten notes along with each gift expressing thoughts of appreciation towards each bridesmaid.

3. Budgetary Considerations and Payment Plans

When considering giving bridesmaid’s presents, the budget must also be essential in this decision-making process. More expensive items cannot always be afforded right away.

To accommodate this issue, it may be beneficial to shop online. Discounts and deals on multiple items can be found there. Creating payment plans or layaway accounts could also help manage expenses over time until all presents have been purchased without putting too much strain financially.

4. Personal Touches and Gift Wrapping Ideas

Personalizing each gift with unique messaging or colors can really add a special touch when giving out bridesmaid presents. Choosing creative packaging ideas such as baskets, trinket boxes, or bags can also show effort and appreciation from you as a bride-to-be.

These little touches could make all the difference in helping your special ladies feel appreciated by their future role as your closest friends at your upcoming nuptials.


No matter your budget or timeline, giving thoughtful bridesmaid gifts can help you express thanks and love before your big day. Whether you give them a few days before, at the rehearsal dinner, or on the same day as the wedding, take time to give the perfect gift at just the right time.

When planning your wedding, think about the timing of the wedding planning process, the desired delivery date for the gifts, budgetary considerations and payment plans, and gift-wrapping ideas. By doing this, you can ensure that your bridesmaid receives their appreciation with plenty of time before the big day.

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