What Should a Groomsman Give As a Wedding Gift: Top 8 Choices

Attending a wedding can be exciting and daunting, especially when selecting a wedding gift for the newly married couple. It’s always hard to decide what to give the happy couple, something practical yet meaningful. The question remains, what should a groomsman give as a wedding gift?

For groomsmen, there are many options available to choose from that will show your appreciation and make the couple feel special. There’s something for everyone, from personalized gifts and home decor items to experience gifts, technology-related gifts, and even cash or gift cards.

Let’s look at some of the most popular choices of wedding gifts for groomsmen.


As the big day approaches, groomsmen will look to show their appreciation and gratitude. From personalized gifts to fun accessories, here are some top wedding gifts for groomsmen that will make them feel special on the big day.

01: Personalized gifts

Groomsmen can give newly married couples personalized gifts that they will cherish forever. Consider engraved champagne glasses with a special message, customized pillows with the couple’s names, or a monogrammed blanket that they can use while relaxing together.

A personalized picture frame is also a great gift idea; you can include a photo of the couple or any special message to commemorate their wedding day.

02: Home decoration

Newlyweds would appreciate home decoration gifts that will add flair and beauty to their home. Groomsmen could purchase vases for displaying floral arrangements, an elegant set of candles for ambiance, or an artwork piece such as a painting or sculpture.

Another great home decor item is bookshelves, which are useful and decorative.

03: Useful items

When picking useful items for the newlyweds, think about what they can use every day. Kitchen appliances are always helpful, from blenders and mixers to coffee makers and toasters.

Premium cookware sets are also wonderful additions for newlyweds who enjoy cooking at home together. For couples who enjoy entertaining guests, consider giving them a set of wine or beer glasses so they can serve drinks in style.

A set of luxury bed linens is also an excellent option. It will make sleeping more comfortable and help give their bedroom a luxurious feel.

04: Technology-related gifts

For tech-savvy couples, groomsmen could choose technology-related gifts such as smart home devices like thermostats and security systems, Bluetooth speakers with high-quality sound, or noise-canceling headphones so they can listen to music without distractions.

Other tech-related items like wireless chargers, virtual reality headsets, and streaming media players might also be appreciated.

05: Subscription box

Groomsmen can give a newly married couple the gift of convenience and surprise with a subscription box service. Subscription boxes come in wide varieties, from snacks and coffee to wine and beer, with something for every type of couple.

These boxes are delivered regularly, ensuring the couple never loses their favorite treats. The groom may also appreciate the fact that these gifts keep on giving. It’s like getting a new present each month.

06: Experience gifts

When it comes to wedding gifts for groomsmen to give to a newly married couple, experience gifts are an excellent choice. Consider gifting an evening at a nice restaurant, tickets to a local event or show, or even a spa day.

These experiences give the couple quality time together and fond memories they’ll cherish for years.

07: Cash or gift cards

Cash or gift cards are always appreciated if you’re unsure what the couple needs. With cash or gift cards, the newlyweds can purchase whatever they please: household items, groceries, clothes, vacation trips, etc.

This is an especially great option to give something quickly and conveniently online.

08: Donation to a charity

For couples passionate about giving back and supporting causes they care about deeply, donating in their name is one of the best wedding gifts groomsmen could give them.

Groomsmen can research charities related to interests shared by both members of the couple and make donations in their name, an act that will no doubt be incredibly meaningful for them both.


When choosing groomsmen gifts, it’s essential to consider the individual tastes of each wedding party member. Budget-wise, you should spend anywhere from $30 to $100 per person, totaling $150 to $500 for five groomsmen.

This amount typically covers cufflinks, personalized lighters or pocket knives, flasks, barware sets, and other unique keepsakes.

While getting something unique and personal for each groomsman is always nice, remember that gifts don’t have to be expensive to show appreciation. Even something like a handmade card or an experience like tickets to a concert can be just as meaningful.


When selecting groomsmen gifts, they must all be equal in value so that no one feels slighted or left out. Though each gift may not necessarily be the same item, they should all have the same monetary value and should ideally be personalized in some way with their name or monogram.

The type of gift chosen is usually based on personal preference. Typical choices include ties, flasks, pocket watches, and engraved cigar cutters. You could also give tech gifts, subscription boxes, experience gifts, cash or gift cards, or donate to a charity.

For ushers and officiants who are not part of the wedding party but are still involved in the ceremony, more modest token gifts are appropriate unless they have been an integral part of your life before the wedding day.


With so many great options available for groomsmen, selecting a wedding gift for the newly married couple doesn’t have to be difficult.

Whether you opt for something sentimental like  personalized gifts or something practical like useful items or subscription boxes, the couple will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

You can also consider cash or gift cards and donations to charity if you wish. Whatever you decide on, rest assured it will be remembered fondly by the couple.

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